Our range of advanced transport vehicle defensive driver training courses have been the number one choice of HGV, LGV and truck operators for over 23 years. We train groups and individuals to be safer on the road and have already helped 15,000 drivers get the qualifications they need. Training with us is very cost efficient and you can take each stage at your own pace. IRST was established in 1994 and over the years we have gained a positive reputation for the level of service we provide and the quality of our training courses.

Advanced Transport Vehicle Defensive Driver Training

What are the main elements of advanced defensive driver training for transport vehicle operators?

  • Plan your journey before setting off by utilising website and Sat Nav information to plan the best route. Avoid, where possible, congestion and roadworks
  • Remove any unnecessary loads, as extra weight increases fuel consumption
  • Check tyre pressures regularly because under-inflated tyres are dangerous, wear out more quickly and increase fuel consumption
  • Only start the engine when you want to drive. Fuel is wasted when idling the engine
  • Drive calmly by avoiding harsh braking and acceleration. Pulling away too fast can use up to 60% more fuel
  • Concentrate, observe, anticipate to maintain a smooth driving style that avoids accidents and saves fuel
  • ‘Brakes to slow, gears to go’ – slow the vehicle using the brakes, engage the correct gear for your speed and bypass all intermediate gears
  • Don’t pump the accelerator or rev the engine unnecessarily
  • Switch off the engine in traffic jams
  • Watch your speed and always travel at a safe speed according to the conditions.  Remember the speed limit is a maximum, not a target!
  • Keep your distance as there should be at least a two second distance between you and the vehicle in front
  • Monitor your vehicle for road worthiness, particularly tyres, brakes, steering and emissions

Each of our qualified instructors has years of professional experience in the transport industry, so you can be certain that you receive the best training possible from knowledgeable trainers. We are the first organisation of our kind to teach clients everything they need to know using innovative, hands on techniques that are designed to help you gain confidence in your skills as a professional transport vehicle driver. IRST specialises in anti-rollover, anti-skid training and emergency avoidance techniques, as well as Driver Assessment, ABS Overview. Defensive Driver Training (LGV & Cars) and Economy Fuel Driving.

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